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Tera is the same as ArcheAge, except the game has a different look to it. There’s a good variety of races to choose from as well as classes, and more freedom of customization. As much as I like variety, I don’t really like the game itself. You’re running all over the place, back and forth, from one person to the next and then back to the first person. The graphics are alright, although I think they could improve on it a bit better as well as questing in the same place (no hopping back and forth business).

TERA Character Creation

TERA Character Creation

Personally, if you like to run around from person to person, with lots of variety as well, this game is for you. It’s a cute game, but I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s a 28GB game and personally, I think it was a waste of time to download. Hope this helped!

Echo of Souls

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Alright so, I’ve started playing this game for a while. I usually play the battle.net games, racing games from steams and League of Legends. This game has an anime type theme to it. As much as I like watching anime for the story lines, the characters and their back stories, this game made that into a little MMO. Personally, I’d recommend this for children but to be honest, it’s just too easy. You kill things in half the time you usually would in any other game like battle.net and league of legends. Although World of Warcraft’s game-play is more in number and more complicated, Echo of Souls has a simplicity yet “cute” feel to it. But the game is still pretty new (or so i hear), so the game makers might make changes to it.

This is pretty much a sample of the type of characters you can create. Although, I’d say this game is meant for females, rather than males. There’s more female customization/classes. There’s 2 male classes, and 3 female classes.

This game is pretty much just a cute game for people who are just beginning to go into the world of gaming. Echo of Souls has the occasional hard NPC’s to kill, but even then it doesn’t really happen that often but when it does, I recommend help for that (depending on your gear and level i guess). ┬áThe game-play is pretty easy and fast to learn though so it’s not too much trouble to do. But what I like about this game is that you’re not constantly killing the same thing wherever you go for questing. That, and you’re not doing the same thing or collecting items the entire time. I haven’t played it enough to know about the lore, but all I know is that there were evil giants that attempting to kill everybody. That was extinguished, hoping that was it. But now there’s a new evil that has risen, and it plans to destroy all life, everything that breathes and moves.

Echo of Soul (EOS) Gameplay Opening Cinematic

First Blog

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Today is the creation of my blog! I will be posting review blogs for vampireplacebo.wordpress.com. I’ll post my own blogs about movies such as family & children movies, anime s i have watched, horror movies (vampireplacebo’s favorite), and more. So be sure to be on the look out for my blog reviews! This is quite a short blog so please do not be dissapointed! My blogs will be bigger.

Enjoy and lets have fun! Thank you for viewing my first newmade blog.